Hans von Wartenberg

1880-03-24 - 1960-10-04

Hans Joachim von Wartenberg was born 1880-03-24 in Kellinghusen, Schleswig-Holstein.

In 1902 he obtained his PhD at Berlin university with his thesis "Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Quecksilberoxyhalogenide".

He became coworker of Walther Nernst in Göttingen and subsequently (1905) in Berlin. He pioneered the measurement of chemical equilibria at very high temperatures making use of sophisticated micro methods for the measurement of tiny amounts of gas.

Marriage with Gertrud Warburg, sister of Lotte Warburg (1910).

Extraordinary professor at the physicochemical institute of the Berlin university (1910).

Professor of physical chemistry (1913) and inorganic chemistry (1916) at the Technische Hochschule in Danzig.

1933 he became successor of Gustav Tammann and Richard Zsigmondy at the Göttingen inorganic chemistry institute. 1937 he was forced to retire by the Nazi administration. Until 1945 he worked at the Göttingen physics institute (director R. W. Pohl). After the collaps of the Nazi regime, Hans von Wartenberg was reinstalled in his previous position at the inorganic chemistry institute. He retired in 1948 but continued working in the laboratory almost every day until the very end.

Bunsen-Denkmünze (1951).

Hans von Wartenberg died 1960-10-04 in Göttingen.


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