Walther Nernst on stamps

Germany 1950 Sweden 1980

Academy stamp, Germany 1950. Nobel stamp, Sweden 1980.

Academy stamp, Germany 1950

Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic).

250 Jahre Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin (250th anniversary of the German Academy of Science, Berlin).

Day of issue: July 10, 1950; value: 20 Pfennig; size: 22 × 26 mm.

This is a series of 10 stamps, featuring Euler (1 Pf.), A. v. Humboldt (5 Pf.), Mommsen (6 Pf.), W. v. Humboldt (8 Pf.), Helmholtz (10 Pf.), Planck (12 Pf.), J. Grimm (16 Pf.), Nernst (20 Pf.), Leibniz (24 Pf.), Harnack (50 Pf.).

Germany 1950

Nobel stamp, Sweden 1980

Day of issue: November 18, 1980; value: 2 Kr.; design: Lennart Forsberg; engraver: Arne Wallhorn; size: 31 × 27 mm.

Walther Nernst was awarded the 1920 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The stamp shows a portrait of Walther Nernst together with a schematic of the Nernst Lamp which he invented in 1897 at the Göttingen physicochemical institute (which he had founded in 1895). However, the Nobel Prize was awarded "in recognition of his work in thermochemistry" (in particular his Heat Theorem, discovered in 1905).

The stamp of Walther Nernst was sold together with a stamp of Charles-Edouard Guillaume (1920 Nobel Prize in Physics) in the form of a little booklet (design: Jan Magnusson) containing a total of 10 stamps.

FDC Sweden 1980

First day cover with the complete set of stamps.

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